Studies have shown that those who pay for their schooling get more out of it than those whose tuition fees are paid for. This is because in the former, there’s a higher desire than in the latter.

This extends also to the poor and rich people. Poor people in most cases tend to gain more from their schooling than the rich people. The former tends to have a higher desire to change their situation while the latter tends to feel secure all round.

We all tend to protect what we put in our efforts to get. We take it seriously and always appreciate it.

If we do not feel a higher desire in whatever thing we hope to achieve, we may not achieve it. A lady who desires to get a wealthy and responsible husband should also be responsible herself. In being responsible, you’re paying for what you want in your life. The same thing applies to a man who wants a responsible lady as a wife.

Nature has a process and it doesn’t bend its process just to favor a particular person. What you sow, you reap.The consequences may not be immediate, but surely will come.

In most cases,prefer the things you pay for, this will allow you to master a process that brings about the end product. Months, we’re doing our roundtable discussion at LMIF, and suddenly, a man approached us and in a total surprise he asked thus:” Are you sharing money here? “ He left immediately having seen that each of us was holding a handout of our principle on Ambition.

Know this, money is a product of an activity. Always ask:” where is theactivity* ? How do I become a part of it? ” We may continue to be poor, if all we want is the money and not the process that brings it about.

The position you’re occupying now, do you know the process that brings about it? Can you justify the grades you got in your exams? Is the promotion due to you? If where we’re does not pass through a process, we will soon be demoted or compromised our values just to maintain status quo. This is because we do not master the process. And if don’t comply to conditions, we give way for those who know the process.

Think about this, good morning pal.

Watchwords: It’s not out of order,if I am used as a point of reference.