Attention to details is very important,in the game of life. Naturally, life is a labor employer.If you are alive, know that life has employed you to work.

Those who have discovered their purpose in life, work under minimal supervision, for they need no further supervision, hence they are following the Principles of a meaningful life.

Those who don’t discover their purpose in life fail to understand that the fact of being alive is enough Invitation to work. They question life and violate Principles of a meaningful life. This violation keeps them behind bars. Here,they still work, but not gainfully, but painfully. Hence,as long as you are alive, you must work.

Life is meant to be simple, but we complicate it by violating the Principles of life. The grinding machine does not know who’s a child or adult, when it is on, whoever puts his hand there, must have a story to tell.

If there’s no mental preparation before financial empowerment, little or nothing is done.Hence, success is inside-out. Life promotes us more to the extent we are mentally prepared to accept responsibility.

If there’s anyone you truly want to empower,start by empowering the mind first.And this is exactly what we do at LMIF.

In the near future, organizations will be applying to LMIF for responsible, dedicated and productive people to work for them. We are seriously working towards that. Humanity must feel our presence as long as we’re alive.

Those in government should as a matter of necessity stop pouring water on Stones.They should help people in its entirety,if they are really out to assist them.It is your job to direct whoever you want to assist financially, to pass via LMIF Principles for mental empowerment first, before doing the secondary part, except in situations where the individual involved is already in possession of such.

What to do is here, but we’re blind to seeing it because we’re mentally unexposed. And to the extent we are mentally unexposed, to that extent we are unemployed. Life has already employed you to work for humanity, what are you doing now?

Think about this, good morning pals.

Watchwords: It’s not out of order,if I am used as a point of reference.