Living To Make Impact Foundation is non governmental organization that is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission CAC.It is a mentorship Institute that uses a two way method of capacity development training to boost character, productivity, managerial and leadership skills of members of staff working in a particular institution. As a human capital development organization, our trainings provide self-esteem, self-expression which brings about individual’s transformation. This inturn impacts positively on the institution. It is imperative to be unaware that no institution can thrive well in an environment of entitlement mentality, it cannot grow without the meaningful and willing contribution of the staff members. This training has the following advantages:

  • Aligning the organizational goal with the individual members of the staff.
  • Increasing productivity, which will in turn increase return on investment (ROI)

*Positive change in attitude.

  • Good customer /worker relationship.
  • Healthy employer /employee relationship.
  • Time and resource management.

*Personal Effectiveness. Workers will now work under minimal supervision.

  • Ability to participate in developing concepts, new ideas, and resources with the goal of transforming them into something greater.

Our Capacity Development Training Has four stages.

Each of them has unique values to offer and it takes ten consecutive days to exhaust each stage. Below are the stages.